Tuesday, July 10, 2012

TMB x The Wanderer Presents: The Accomplices "People, Places, Things (Runnin')" feat. Tre DeJean (REMIXES EP)

Here is another dope collab we have with production duo The Accomplices along with The Mad Bloogers for a new remix EP for Tre DeJean's track "People, Places, Things (Runnin')" off The Accomplices' 10-90 EP which inspired the "Runnin' Life" collab shirt. The Remix EP consists of remixes from Istramental, Motel Eola, and Diatonic. The project is a free download to anyone that sends us (The Wanderer: thewanderer@plutocharles.com / twitter: @plutocharles) or The Mad Bloggers ( @themadbloggers_) & The Accomplices (@BroadNMarket & @TheJakeMusic), a pic of them rocking the "Runnin' Life" collab. After which, you will be sent a downloadable link for you to download and enjoy. Also don't forget that if you download The Accomplices 10-90EP from DJBooth.net, you receive a 20% off any purchase discount code to The Wanderer shop.

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