Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ones & Twos: $onny "The $onny Dro Exercise Tape 2"

$onny!! Born in Florida raised in Nashville if you ask him where he is from he will say “The Earth!!” He has sat out to reach the World, not your everyday Southern rapper, $onny has his own sound and cruises in his own lane. Growing up $onny was always the youngest in the circle so he had to mature faster in order to adapt to his environment and it reflects in his music from the subject matter to the choice of words he uses. $onny always had a love for music some of his influences are 8ball & MJG , Master P, E-40 , 3-6 Mafia ,Jadakiss , Jay Z , Spice 1 , Dayton Family , Lil Boosie just to name a few. December of 2011 $onny told his childhood friend “Groove” to grab his Ipad and record ... That night he set out to get noticed 2012 was a very productive year for $onny behind the scenes he put together a couple YouTube visuals called “$onny’s Chronicles” and an Ep titled “The $onny Dro Exercise Tape” he performed in Atlanta,Nashville,Decatur,and Smyrna in the last year and he plans to add to the list of cities and Venues in the future. $onny is here don’t worry doing what he loves to do to make his situation better ...The $onny Dro Exercise Tape 2 is the prepping for his long awaited $olo project Md Presents... $onny The Life$tyle due date 4/2/13

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